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We have invited the top educators and experts in their fields to share with our students and parents strategies to excel at PSLE.

Our panel of academic experts are former MOE teachers, authors and even founders of popular enrichment programmes. Your child will learn strategies, methods and techniques to reach that attainable A*.

English Expert
Shannon Guo photo
  • MOE overseas scholar, graduated from Oxford University.
  • She is currently the Deputy Principal of Indigo Education Group where she oversees the development of the Primary Curriculum and teaches the Upper Primary English classes.
  • Former Subject Head of Talent Development in MOE school
English Expert
  • Passionate MOE Teacher with 18 years of experience.
  • She is currently teaching at Newton Apple Learning Hub and also a lecturer in private institution teaching Diploma in Business English.
  • An excellent communicator with a Master in Arts (Applied Linguistics).
English Expert
  • Best selling author of “Score the A* You Deserve in PSLE Writing” and “Write Your Way to an A* Composition”.
  • Passion driven to think of creative ways to teach writing to her students.
  • Pursued her Masters in Teaching English in Young Learners.
  • Aims to research on how to make English an enjoyable language to students.
English Expert
  • Published author of “Write Your Way to an A* Composition”.
  • Dedicated MOE trained educator with over 12 years of teaching.
  • Experienced in teaching many students with a spectrum of learning abilities.
  • Personal motto to his students – “Your Improvement Is My Achievement”.
English & Science Expert
  • Former teacher with more than 10 years of experience teaching English and Science for upper primary level.
  • English and Science curriculum writer for a tuition enrichment centre.
  • Science Content contributor for Learn Super Mart (top 16 Learning Resources in 2016).
  • Recently given the “Star Tutor” award from a prestigious tuition centre.
  • Article slated to be featured in Little Magazine, May Issue, 2017.
Math Expert
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology awarded by National University of Singapore.
  • Certified facilitator of The Leadership Challenge ®
  • Passionate in moulding the next generation of youths to be leaders with good character.
  • Trains both teachers and students in the area of growth mindset and resilience to overcome their challenges.
Math Expert
  • Founder of Neuromath and Early Math Matters.
  • PSLE Math trainer with 20 years of Math teaching experiences.
  • Constantly invited to share his unique methodologies to schools, Parents Teachers Association, organizations and societies.
  • Influenced many ordinary students to attain extraordinary results in Math over the last decade.
Math Expert
  • Founder of Newtonapple Learning Hub.
  • Former MOE teacher, Head of Department and PSLE Marker.
  • More than 15 years of teaching experience.
  • Math curriculum reviewer for textbooks.
  • Speaker for parents’ coaching workshops for Math.
  • Well known for his teaching methodologies and excellent delivery of lessons to hundreds of students.
Math Expert
  • Over 10 years of teaching experience in Mathematics.
  • Conducted many Math workshops like Primary Olympiad, Challenging Problem Sums Solving and Conquer Problem Sums.
  • Pioneer batch of MOE’s education scheme for Allied Educators.
  • Provided small group teaching to strongly  support Primary One to Primary Six students in Mathematics.
Science Expert
Linda Law
  • Has been teaching Primary Science for the past 15 years.
  • Head of Science in Newtonapple Learning Hub.
  • Author of “A* Answering Technique Revealed (Physical)” guidebook that has received many good reviews.
  • Helped students score well through the application of science answering techniques.
  • Conducted numerous science workshops for parents and students.
Chinese Expert
Sherina koh
  • Chinese expert with years of experience in both MOE and the private sector.
  • 13 years of coaching experience to students from primary schools to JC level.
  • Track record of having 90% of her students score As.
  • Strong passion to demonstrate to students that the learning of Chinese can be fun.
Chinese Expert
  • Chinese expert with years of experience in both MOE and the private sector.
  • Head of department in an enrichment centre.
  • A curriculum writer and a program developer in an established enrichment centre.
  • Passionate to cultivate the love of Chinese to her students.
  • Conducts parenting workshops to guide parents how to teach Chinese to their children.
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